Sharp Refrigerator Inverter Digital, No Frost 450 Liter, Red SJ-GV58A(RD)

Sharp Refrigerator 450 Liter No Frost 2 Glass Door
The color of the refrigerator is red
Equipped with J-Tech Inverter technology and digital touch screen control
Energy Efficiency Level: (A)
Country of Origin: Egypt
10 years full free warranty

product specification
Sharp Refrigerator No Frost
Internal refrigerator capacity in liters: 450 liters
Number of refrigerator doors: 2 glass doors
Refrigerator color: red
Equipped with J-Tech Inverter
Energy saving system:-
With just one touch on the Eco Mode system, energy consumption is saved, which saves electricity consumption and works
It increases the degree of cooling in the freezer and refrigerator, which helps to quickly cool a new amount of foods
Equipped with a digital control screen:
Touch screen on the outside of the refrigerator to facilitate control of the degree of cooling of the refrigerator and freezer

Plasma cluster technology:
It prevents the formation of mold on foods as it keeps the air fresh and foods fresh for a longer time
It also removes unpleasant odors and kills bacteria inside the refrigerator.
Hybrid cooling system technology:
Works on rapid cooling of cold air in all parts of the refrigerator in addition to
Remove moisture to preserve food and make it fresher for longer periods.

The Sharp refrigerator has the Ice Pack feature:
Which maintains the temperature inside the freezer for up to eight hours during a power outage
Alarm and door opening alert:-
When the refrigerator or freezer door is left open, the refrigerator will sound an alarm after the first minute, then the alarm will be repeated
After the second minute, and if the door remains open for more than three minutes, the alarm will be continuous.
Xenon LED Interior Lighting for Refrigerator and Freezer

Energy Efficiency Level: (A)
It operates with the highest energy efficiency and lowest electricity consumption
Equipped with a stainless steel cylinder handle that extends the length of the refrigerator, easy to pick up from any point
Heavy duty glass shelves
eco-friendly refrigerator
It works in hot areas
Noise canceling design

Refrigerator Dimensions (mm):-
Width x depth x height: 700 x 720 x 1670
Refrigerator Weight:
Net weight: 76 kg
Gross weight: 85 kg
Country of Origin: Egypt
Refrigerator Warranty: 10 Years Full Free Warranty

Basic information

main category
Product position in the market
continuous production

main characteristics

2 door refrigerator
vitreous red
Cooling system
no frost
English Name
SHARP Refrigerator Inverter Digital No Frost 450 Liter, 2 Glass Doors In Red Color SJ-GV58A(RD)
450 liters
refrigerator shelf type
glass shelves
Energy Efficiency Level
(A) It operates with the highest energy efficiency and lowest electricity consumption
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm
700 x 720 x 1670
Net weight
76 kg
Total weight
85 kg
country of origin
10 years full free warranty

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