Sharp Digital Refrigerator, Bottom Freezer, No Frost 468 Liters, Silver: SJ-BG615-SS

Sharp Refrigerator 468 Liter No Frost Advanced, 2 Doors With Bottom Freezer
Refrigerator color: silver
Equipped with a digital touch screen control for refrigerator and freezer
Energy Efficiency Level: (A)
Country of Origin: Turkey
10 years full free warranty

product specification
Sharp SJ-BG615-SS No Frost Advanced Refrigerator Details
Internal Refrigerator Capacity in Liters: 468 Liters
Cabin capacity: 333 liters
Liter capacity of the freezer: 135 liters
Number of refrigerator doors: 2 doors
Refrigerator color: silver
Digital touch screen control for refrigerator and freezer
Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
Door hinges: the possibility of adjusting its direction from right to left or vice versa according to
The purpose of use is to put two refrigerators side by side to be used as a 4-door refrigerator
Stainless steel handle
vacation mode
Energy saving mode
Lock against child
tampering Alarm and alert Opening the door Interior lighting in the refrigerator
cabinet Works in hot areas The refrigerator
design is noise-resistant Equipped with an ice cube mold Automatic
ice maker Egg holder A shelf for keeping meat, fish and fresh foods Equipped with front legs
for balance Advanced
no-frost cooling:
Increases the cooling power and internal freezing,
and they each have an independent system and a separate ventilation fan for either the refrigerator or freezer.
Gentle Air Flow feature: –
works on a rapid flow of cold air to all parts of the refrigerator while keeping foods
fresh by preventing any moisture inside
the refrigerator Supercooling mode:
the ability to cool large quantities of foods
Super Freeze Mode:
The ability to quickly freeze large quantities of fresh and prepared foods
Opti Fresh feature: Controls the level of cooling and humidity to help preserve fruits and vegetables Odour Neutral feature: Prevents food odors from mixing with each other Zero Degree Zone: Fresh meat and fish can be stored for a longer period Fruit and Veg Zone: The ideal storage area Fresh fruits and vegetables Dual Control: It has the ability to separately adjust the degree of cooling of the cabinet or the freezing of the freezer Twin LED: It features internal LED lighting on both sides evenly for a better view inside the refrigerator cabinet Anti-finger Print: The external materials of the refrigerator door are made of high-quality sheet that prevents Finger marks on the fridge
Energy Efficiency Level: (A) Operates with the highest energy efficiency and lowest electricity consumption Dimensions of the refrigerator (mm): Width x depth x height: 700 x 712 x 1920 Net weight: 88.5 kg Country of origin: Turkey Refrigerator warranty: 10 years Comprehensive free warranty
Basic information
Model: SJ-BG615-SS
Brand: Sharp
Main Category : Refrigerators
Product position in the market: continuous production
main characteristics
Type: 2-door refrigerator
Colors: silver
Cooling System: No Frost Advanced
Capacity: 468 liters
Refrigerator Shelf Type : Glass Shelves
Energy Efficiency Level: It operates with the highest energy efficiency and lowest electricity consumption
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm : 700 x 712 x 1920
Net weight: 88.5 kg
Country of Origin: Turkey
Warranty: 10 years full free warranty
English Name
SHARP Refrigerator Digital with Bottom Freezer, Advanced No Frost 468 Liter
, 2 Doors In Silver Color SJ-BG615-SS
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