Fresh FNT-BR400BS Refrigerator 369 Liters Silver

Fresh refrigerators have many characteristics that make them one of the best refrigerators in the Egyptian market.
One of the most important features of the Fresh refrigerator is that it saves electricity consumption as it is equipped with LED lighting and gives a higher brightness.
In addition to an ideal distribution of air currents where there is a flow of air currents, which gives a stable distribution of cooling inside the refrigerator.
Enjoy buying online through the website and get a wonderful Fresh refrigerator at a special price.
When you buy a Fresh Refrigerator, you will find the feature of the Magic Vegetable Drawer, which provides special care for vegetables and fruits so that they are always fresh for a longer period. It also features a door frame made of (Bio Shield) anti-bacterial material, which gives a longer life span for the frame. It is also characterized by ease of removal and installation for easy cleaning.
The refrigerator features shelves made of break-resistant Pyrex.
Buy a fresh refrigerator and get a great product at a special price.

Product details
External warranty
10 years
internal warranty
10 years
number of doors
Model name
product code
the color
to rise
1662 mm
650 mm
635 mm

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