Fresh Upright Freezer FNU-L250BC LG ,5 Drawers black LG Compressor

Fresh Deep Freezer is one of the best cooling devices in the Egyptian market because of it’s amazing specifications and great features.
Fresh Freezer has many features such as the Super Freezing feature, which reach the highest freezing degree in a very short time.
Other features included in Fresh Freezer are the door rubber Frame with Bio Shield Anti-Bactria that keeps the door clean and lives longer.
Enjoy the ECO Energy feature that saves electricity.
Deep Freezer drawers are very sturdy and have the same shape and size for easy storage process.
Enjoy wonderful cooling with Fresh Deep Freezer, as it has an internal cooling fan plus great interior lighting.
Buy Fresh Freezer and enjoy amazing Deep Freezer at a great price.

Product Specifications

External Unit Warranty 10 years
Internal Unit Warranty 10 years
Led Display Yes
Door Alarm Yes
Eco Energy Yes
Model NameFNU-L250BC
Model Code500011696
Color Black
Height1350 mm
Width600 mm
Depth630 mm
Capacity130 L
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